York in the community

Here at YORK our vision is to innovate new products, educate on best practice and implement a lasting legacy.

Our commercial & sports performance department designed and supplied many of the Olympic training venues for London 2012. For us to fully support this fast growing side of the UK business, we had to develop the Factory Outlet into a 7000sqft Performance Centre to showcase the equipment in its truest environment and deliver a lasting message.


We have noticed a big hole in education and information for coaches wishing to improve aspiring athletes and athletes who play recreational sport, so YORK has become partners with several key education organisations.

We hold Certified Courses from British Weight Lifting, the UKSCA and also education workshops for schools & colleges at the York Performance Centre. The program of courses is set to increase as we build relationships with other awarding bodies who we feel fit into the journey we are currently taking here at York.

One big area of concern for us at York was the lack of education for young athletes from multiple sports, but it is also information for parents on how they can help their son or daughter excel in their chosen sport. Over the next 3-6 months we will be running LTAD Workshops (Long Term Athlete Development ) to show what kids should be doing, should be eating and how the parents can help give their “young athlete” the best possible chance. We have very close partnerships with Northampton Saints, Coventry University, Northampton Town FC, Elite Sports Conditioning and a local sports injury specialist. We will be utilising these key partners to help us deliver the message and change the face of developing youth in sport. This journey is one which founder of YORK Bob Hoffman took, when he was national advisor to President Nixon, Kennedy and Eisenhower on Youth Health & Fitness, it’s close to our heart. Get the kids & young athletes into good habits from a young age and it will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Heavy Stuff

The Performance Centre itself contains 95% of the Commercial & Sports Performance equipment we currently supply to professional teams, institutions and fitness chains. The Gym is 25metres in length by 8.5metres wide and currently has:

4 x Squat Racks, 5 x Lifting Platforms, 3 x Bench Press, 1 x Smith Machine, Full selection of Cable Machines & Plate Loaded Stations, Large Free-Weights Area, Several stations using mainly body weight Plyometric Boxes, Over 2 Tonnes of Olympic weights. And no single plane/exercise machines.

The Clever Stuff

The second part of the Performance Centre is where we hold the theory part of our workshops & courses. We have seating for 50 guests, projector and 42inch Plasma, this is all so the gap between theory and practical is bridged, under one roof and so application and reference can be made quickly. We have held planning workshops and lectures on sports injury prevention, which all require a clean simple working environment.

As we no longer have the Factory Outlet to offer domestic fitness equipment to the general public we have invested heavily into this new website to still allow you to buy direct and get the right information. We still invite gyms, clubs and associations along to see, feel and try the equipment and this is on an invite only basis.